Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do We Need to Groom Our Pet?

In regards to dogs, it depends on breed-specific needs such as type of coat and hair length. We suggest once a month for a regular groom.

Many people don't realize that cats should be groomed, also. They are so good at self-bathing but the need our help. Regular grooming will also help with hairballs and shedding.

My Dog is Not Super Fluffy. He Has Short Hair. Does He Need Grooming?

From Boxers to Pitties, Dachshund to Chihuahuas- all short haired dogs need grooming, too. While his hair may not need to be trimmed or styled as often, regular bathing- along with teeth cleaning and nail trims- will help keep your dog in good health.

We Just Got a Puppy! When Can We Start Brushing Her?

As soon as possible. Once she has adapted to her new home, introduce her to the brush and the feel of it on her fur. Encourage a relaxed environment and soon she will (hopefully!) start to enjoy her brushing time with you. This can even be an early way to bond with your new puppy. If a traditional brush is too scary for your young friend, talk with your local pet supply store. The experts there can point you to other grooming options, such as a mitt.

Can't I Just Wash and Groom My Pet Myself?

Sure, you absolutely can. However, there are many benefits to having your dog or cat (or other companion) professionally groomed:

PROFESSIONAL: We groom pets every day and can do it quicker and more effectively than most pet owners. It takes a lot of patience to groom and that is especially true if the animal is young or extra fluffy. Our grooming sessions include brushing, bathing, drying, clipping/cuts, and styling- paying close attention to the areas around the eyes, ears, and bottoms of the feet. We also clean ears, trim nails to safe lengths, and express the anal glands when necessary. We also address excessive shedding with our products and custom tools.

TOOLS: Our mobile grooming van is well-equipped to handle even the largest Mastiff or tiny Chihuahua. From our adjustable grooming platforms, to a variety of clippers, to our selection of shampoos and conditioners for different needs - we are ready to primp your pet. We are professionals and our mobile grooming van contains everything we will need.

SCHEDULE: We aim to save you time and energy. We come to you and return your companion clean and fresh. We know that many of our clients are busy professionals who just cannot fit normal pet salon visits into their schedules. Our mobile grooming van arrives at your door.

PET BEHAVIOR: We know how to handle dogs, cats, and other pets. We are comfortable handling pets that are older or anxious when faced with grooming. We can also identify injuries, skin allergies, or lumps you may not have noticed so you may contact your vet. These sometimes also contribute to the pet not wanting to be handled. Arthritis and back pain are two of the main pain sources for our dogs. Not only are we able to comfortably get your pet onto the grooming platform, our services will prevent you from injuring your pet by accident.

THE ICKY STUFF: Most pet owners do not know how to express anal glands. We can handle that for you. Also, special circumstances such as a skunked dog take extra care to return the pet to its prior clean condition.

HAIR: Do you really want pet hair in your bathtub?

Have a Different Question for Us? Ask Your Groomer - We're Here to Help!