Keep Your Pet Healthy

Keep Your Pet Healthy

We Groom All Breeds & Many Species

Top Dawg Mobile Pet Stylist bathes and grooms all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, pigs, and more! We'll take excellent care of your companion, no matter what breed or size they are.

We can easily come to your property and groom your pet. We can groom your dog when you're at home, at work, or out running errands. You don't have to be present for the grooming session.

We use a spacious mobile grooming trailer stocked with top-notch grooming equipment. We'll style your furry friend the way you want. They'll be happy with a fresh new 'do, and you'll be happy they won't shed as much.

Call 806-549-6960 now with any questions about our mobile pet grooming services.

What can you expect from a grooming session?

Turn to Top Dawg Mobile Pet Stylist for mobile grooming services.

Grooming your pet can help them maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. It can also allow hidden health issues to be identified and reinforce healthy foot structure. During your pet's grooming session, we'll:

  • Bathe them with pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner
  • Cut their hair
  • Brush their teeth
  • Trim their nails

If your dog needs their anal glands expressed, we can do that, too. Reach out to us right away to sign up for a mobile dog grooming appointment.